If you do a sin, accept it and ask for forgiveness.Please don’t defend your sin, it’s worse.
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NASA engineers use origami as inspiration when they fold up solar panels for their trip to space. Shown here: the Miura fold. Once a piece of paper (or solar array) is all folded up, it can be completely unfolded in one smooth motion. You can read more about origami in space here, and learn how to do the Miura fold in this video:

Image: Astronaut Scott Parazynski repairs a damaged ISS solar panel (NASA)


لو كانت لنا القدرة على رؤية ما يفكر فيه بعضنا البعض لتغير كل شيء

لا تظن الهدوء الذي تراه في الوجوه يدل على الرضا .. لكل إنسان شيء في داخله يهزهُ ويعذبه

Don’t mistake the calmness you see on faces for satisfaction; inside every human, there is a thing torturing him

Abdulrahman Munif (1933 - 2004) - A novelist born to a Saudi father & Iraqi Mother & brought up in Jordan.. best known for his trilogy “Cities of Salt” (via arabicquotes)
That Day you will be brought to judgement; not a secret among you will be concealed
Al-Quraan [69:18] (via another-ukhti)


National Mourning Day in Malaysia today 22.08.2014 …welcome home for the #1 group of MH17 victims (20 bodies)